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The market for glass proce重点发展超高温非氧化物陶瓷材料ssing is showing signs of growth again after a multi-year slump。 This is primarily due to the increased use of safety glass, which is expected to grow by nearly 7% through 2017。 Additionally, the rise in energy-savings glass both in renovations and in new constructions, as well as the growing trend to use glass more in the construction sector, isadding momentum。


All of t 在描画器的转筒上hese are very positive drivers for Glaston and its customers who are well positioned to serve the markets as it begins to expand once again。 Glaston is ready for this upturn with its latest superior glass processing machines and related services, while customers can be ensured of consistently producing quality glass end products with high productivity and energy efficiency。


“We look forward to 2014 with confidence,” says Arto Mets?nen, President and 登封CEO of Glaston。 “Our company is on a solid foundation, and our product portfolio is the most up-to-date on the market to meet customer needs。”

“对2014年我们充满信心,” Arto Mets?nen 先生,格拉司通总裁及CEO表示,“我们的企业发展建立在坚实的基础之上,我们公司的产品系列是市场上最先进广泛,且符合客户需要的。”

Commitment to R D, latest innovations


Glaston’s goal is to deliver profitable growth through innovation and technology leadership in selected product groups, while ensuring the best customer value and experience in the industry。 For Glaston, this has meant a continuous focus on R D to develop innovations and further expand product series to help glass producers get to the next level in their business。 In 2013 alone, Glaston’s R D investment totaled EUR 4。8 million, representing 3。9% of its annual net sales。


GlastonAir? was launched at the start of 2013。 This advanced technology supports the glass by hot air instead of rollers, allowing glass as thin as 2 mm to be tempered without compromising optical quality。 Additionally, thicker glass can be tempered with low energy consumption。


Another innovation, IriControL? technology, enables glass processors to measure and minimize the so-called ansiotropic phenomena in tempered glass。


The new FC500? and RC350? doub复合滤布le-chamber tempering lines deliver high capacity and high quality, energy-efficient glass production with a smaller carbon footprint。 In 2013, over 30 new orders for the advanced FC500? tempering furnace were placed, a solid sign that the market believes in reaching higher production quality。 Also upgrades were made to the automation and process control systems。 The old horizontal tempering furnaces were modernized with RC200?replacement chamber solution based on new technology。


For Asia, the RC and CCS flat tempering furnace series were expanded with new machine models to better meet the local needs of customers in that region。


Strong investment in new products will also continue in the area of pre-processing machinery, where Glaston sees increasing demand for highly efficient and reliable lines。 For pre-processing needs, new automatic UC cutting lines, which combine high performance with a competitive price, were launched to the market, along with the Omnia double edging machine, which is ideal for both the solar energy and appliance industries。


The global expansion of Glaston’s Services continued throughout 2013。 These include iControL?, the popular and easy-to-use automation system upgrade, Glaston RHC? automatic roller heat control technology, the RC200-zone? replacement chamber solution as well as the RC-zone? additional chamber。


Expanding services and support


Furthermore, the Glaston Genuine Care concept has been developed further to respond to the challenges of the evolving glass industry。 The main goal of this portfolio of service products is to help customers continue to improve their energy efficiency and end product quality。


Glaston Genuine Care concept is the most extensive in the industry。 It offers customers continuous service throughout the entire lifecycle of a machine。 The service covers maintenance support, spare parts and tools for all lines and equipment, as well as upgrades and modernization projects。


The Glaston teams work with each custo阳江mer to provide tailored solutions to increase their production capacity, boost overall glass processing performance and gain more efficiency from their existing machines and equipment。


Glaston’s service network is the industry’s largest available in the world。 The company has representatives and sales support offices located close to customers to provide rapid turnaround on requests or to keep production running smoothly。


Participating in environmental sustainability


Glaston strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible in its operations。 The energy efficiency of glass processing machines, along with the energy efficiency of the end products they produce, is highly significant from an environmental perspective。 All of its glass processing machines and components have been designed to withstand intense use without causing air pollution or emissions。


The lifecycle of the machines and equipment are easily measured in decades。 Upgrades, modernization and even relocation projects have been designed specifically to enable the machinery to stay in reliable, productive use for very long time。


Enhancing customer benefit


Thanks to an extensive number of measures that Glaston carried out over the past few years, the company’s financial situation is solid。 Now, the company is in a position to focus on developing and growing the business according to new and evolving needs in the glass processing industry。


The company’s mission will continue to be the thought leader in the glass processing industry。 This means that Glaston will focus on setting ever-higher standards with regard to glass quality, high throughput and energyefficiency。


“In all, Glaston focuses on enhancing the customer benefit with all machines and related services。 We take responsibility for our products over their entire lifecycle, offering a complete range of upgrades to enable our customers to get the most from their machinery。 We aim to support our customers by raising their overall productivity and lowering energy consumption with our machinery as new technology becomes available thanks to our ongoing efforts in R D,” says Arto Mets?nen。

“总之,格拉司通将持续提高自身产品及服务,更大维护客户利益。我们为格拉司通产品的整个使用周期负责,提供一个完整的系统升级方案,确保客户通过我们的设备得到最佳的利润。我们将通过最新的技术来全面提高产品效率和降低能耗,感谢我们研发团队对此的不断努力。” Arto Mets?nen 先生说到。